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Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

cara lain mendapatkan soccer dragon

Breeding list for Hybrid Dragons
This is a list of the dragons that can be bred by breeding the elemental dragons with hybrid dragons, or hybrid dragons with each other. Some of the resulting hybrids can be bred through different combinations.
Mud + Dark = Poo
Coolfire + Soccer = Crystal
Laser + Dandelion = Gummy or Fluorescent or Laser
Medieval + Alpine = Cool Fire or Soccer or Pearl or Armadillo or Flaming Rock
Neon + Nenufar = Pirate
Zombie + Mud = Petroleum
Armadillo can also be bred by: Medieval + Alpine, Pearl + Alpine, Jade + Star, Zombie + Mud, Pearl + Flaming Rock
Gummy can also be bred by: Firebird + Fluorecent, Firebird + Star, Jade + Star, Neon + Nenufar
Pirate can also be bred by: Rattlesnake + Lanternfish, Neon + Cloud

cara lain dapatkan soccer dragon :

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